Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Luke's Dentist Appointment

Let me preface by saying that I am a terrible mother. I took Luke to the dentist at 3 and 3 1/2, but once we moved and the dentist was 40 minutes away, I slacked and didn't find a new one. It's not that I intended to, but I completely forgot until he turned 4 and I had to cancel at the old dentist, then I got pregnant and was sick for a couple of months, and then it just kept slipping my mind. So, my persistent husband reminded me that I needed to take him. I asked friends for referrals and got one that sounded good. I called yesterday and they said, "New patients can't be seen until November BUT we have an appointment tomorrow morning." Thinking that a) he really needed a check-up and b) November seems tough with two new babies, I took the appointment.

The place was awesome. The whole office was a jungle theme, including tiki looking stuff on the walls. Each area had a jungle-themed name (like the conference room was called "Tribal Council". How cute. They had Madagascar playing and a ton of stuffed animals and toys. When we were called back, each chair had a tv above it with Madagascar playing. Luke got to wear jungle sunglasses to not hurt his eyes from the bright light. The hygienist was so great with him. She told him what to expect and offered rewards for each step.

When we got to the teeth cleaning, he was offered an array of flavors to pick from. He chose cookie dough which sounded disgusting to me, but he liked it (so much he was licking while she was cleaning). She flossed his teeth for the first time and instructed me as to how to do it for him. He got a sticker and then it was time for x-rays.

He was a champ during the x-rays. They had to try a bunch of times to get one and he kept letting them. I was a proud momma. He got to get another sticker. Then we met with the dentist. She was awesome as well and had the best teeth I've ever seen (go figure, right). She said the tooth that he hit on the tub a couple of years ago was totally fine. She said his 6 year molars were showing up and he would have them early, which doesn't surprise me since he's always cut teeth fast and early. She said to continue brushing like we have been and start flossing and to come back in 6 months. Then Luke got to go to the treasure chest and got a parachute toy.

Overall it was an awesome visit and I felt better when they assumed it was his first visit as I guess most kids go at 4-5 years old. They even took a "first visit photo" to commemorate the occasion. I still want to be on the ball with his check-ups so he stays healthy and has good hygiene.

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