Sunday, August 22, 2010

What We've Been Up To

This summer has been really different for our family in that I've been massively pregnant for most of it and heat hasn't been my friend. We've still managed to go to the beach a few times - twice with Lee's mom and stepdad to Emerald Isle and once to Topsail to the Webber Beach Cottage. Most of the time was spent with me hanging out indoors (I did get down to the beach a handful of times and to the pool at the beach once or twice) and Lee and Luke doing the beach/pool by themselves. They still had fun and I had to get over my guilt of not being as involved.

Luke and I have gone to the pool a good amount, but not like we normally do (the past couple of summers we've gone at least 3 days a week). Each time has shown me how much bigger/more uncomfortable I am getting. Our last pool visit for the summer was on Monday. It proved to be too much for me and summer is winding down anyways.

We've had a lot of fun just hanging around the house. Luke is really getting good at coloring, painting, and crafts. ;) We play and I do a few things around the house and relax. It's been really nice. Although I feel bad that we can't do everything we normally do, we are all making the best of it. It's really been a fun summer overall. We are looking forward to Fall and our babies coming. :)

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