Monday, July 12, 2010

Howell Family Reunion

On Sunday we went to the 71st Annual Howell Family Reunion. The Howell family is Lee's mom's dad's parents and all of their descendants. They have been getting together for 71 years to eat a yummy meal, talk about family memories, and visit with each other. It was really neat to see all of the family members, catch up, and hear all of the funny stories. We had a really good time. The theme this year was "Trains" since there is a railroad track that runs right through Pikeville, NC, the town that most of the Howell family grew up in. Luke loved it. Here are some pictures.

Luke with the electric train. He built that bridge. I thought it was pretty creative.

Some of Clifton and Annie Mae Howell's (Lee's grandparents) great-grandchildren.

Me, Lee, and Luke.

Me and Lee.

Becky and Ivey (Lee's mom and step-dad). They made that train. I thought it was cute.

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