Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Changed the Boys' Names

After "deciding" on Nathan Elijah and Ben Alexander a few weeks ago, I really started thinking more about Ben Alexander. I liked Benjamin more than Ben but Lee said, "He will be called 'Ben' so we might as well name him Ben." We don't like naming a kid one thing knowing he/she will be called something else. Obviously there can be a nickname or they can choose to go by a variation, but we don't want to name our kids knowing they will automatically be called something else. Yes, we are weird.

So after a few weeks of saying, "I don't think I want to do Ben. It doesn't do much for me," Lee and I started thinking of other options. I had liked Nathan and Elijah but really loved the way Nathan Elijah rolled off the tongue. Well we figured out a couple of new name combos that we absolutely love.

Here they are:

Nathan Reid - "he God has given" "red" - We picked Reid because that is my mom's maiden name and I was very close to my grandfather since my dad wasn't around. The fact that it means "red" is funny because our family color is red. We love red. We love NCSU and are Republicans so there you go. Plus if the baby has red hair like Lee (very low probability) it will fit even more perfectly.

Elijah Matthew - "my God is the Lord" "gift of God" - I love the way this name flows and the meanings of both names. I think this is a great name.

We are super excited that we will know what our babies are this Friday and can assign their names to them. We are still set on the girls names, Alexis Faith and Anna Grace. If they are one of each, we will do Alexis Faith and Nathan Reid.

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