Friday, March 26, 2010

A Million Things Going Through Our Minds

Well it's only been a day and a half since we found out that we are having twins. In that time, I have already had what feels like a million thoughts going through my mind and I think most of our family has been thinking the same things.

Main Things I Have Been Thinking:

1) Everything related to the pregnancy - "Will they be safe, healthy, grow right?" "How long will I be able to carry them, full-term, longer?" "How big will I get?"

2) Everything related to the birth - "When will it be?" "How long will they be in the hospital?"

3) Everything related to the early stages - "Will we get sleep?" "How will we feed them?" "Will they wake each other up?" "Will they wake Luke up?" "Will they get on a routine like Luke did?"

4) Everything related to logistics - "How will we set up our house, the nursery, our lives for these babies?" "Will I be able to pick Luke up on time from preschool with two babies?" "Will we be able to go to church before the babies are 1?" "How will we keep all that laundry up?" "How many diapers are we going to go through each day/week?"

It's overwhelming when I think too much. I am just going to take it little by little. Just today my awesome sister told me she would loan me her crib, glider, highchair, and carseat. My mom is going to loan me her pack n play that matches the one I have. I know that God will provide for our every need. I know that people will do everything they can to help us. I also know that I have the most amazing husband who will do anything to make our lives easier and better.

Please pray for my potential to worry, the health of me and the babies, and that all of those questions will be answered in due time. :)

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